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Track, Road or Both

tiger-racing2With a Tiger, you can have the best of both worlds – An exhilarating road-going sports car and a highly competitive track car all in one. Around 98% of all Tigers sold are registered as road legal cars. However, many owners not only want the enjoyment of driving their Tiger on the road but also want the excitement and challenge of competitive motor sport…..
In a Tiger you can!

With Tiger, the lust for the track can be satisfied in any one of three ways:
1. Purchase the standard road model of your choice and with a few safety additions, you’re ready to go!
2. If you are really serious, you can build a dedicated race car (or we can build one for you). It could still be used on the road!
3. You can hire one of our purpose built race cars. This is also an excellent way of introducing you to motorsport. It’s like dipping your toe in the water to see if you like the temperature!

The following pages show some of our cars involved in Motor Sport, starting with Sprints and then a mixture of track day events and competitive racing. It is this race bred technology that makes our cars so outstanding on the road…… as well as on the track.

30 years of Motorsport

tiger-racing3Tiger and it’s team have been involved in motorsport for over 30 years and have gained an enviable reputation on the track. Although all our models (except the ERA Single Seater) are designed for use on both road and track, some models such as the R6 and the new all aluminium RS6 are biased more towards serious track events. The two ERA models, the ERA Single Seater and the ERA30 are also highly competitive in their own right and hark back to the earlier and nostalgic days of motor racing. So browse these pages of Race and Track Events for an insight into the exhilaration of Tigers in action – Pictures speak louder than words!



icon-r6A new Tiger R6 race or track day car built for you Tiger can build you an R6 16v race car ready for the Tiger R6 race series. The R6 have full race cages for racing (and can be fully road legal and taxed just the same as any other R6). They are fitted with 2ltr. 16v Zetec or the new Duratec 2ltr. engine with a five speed gearbox and all the MSA required safety parts fitted.

There are usually 10 – 12 races at various circuits in the Tiger Race Series each season and various other track events during the year. Extra sprints can also be entered at very little extra cost. Contact Tiger for full details  We have also converted many older Tiger models ready for racing and these can be raced in another class in the Tiger races please ask if you would like us to modify your Tiger.

Hire a Tiger R6 for race or track days The Tiger R6 shown left is one of the factory run race cars available to drivers to hire for track events and races etc. The cars are fitted with full cages and all the necessary safety equipment plus all the paperwork sorted for you.