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Tiger B6

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Motor cycle bike engine B6

0-60mph in 4.5 seconds

The Tiger B6 is basically a Tiger R6 with very slight chassis alterations which is then fitted with a motor cycle engine. Reverse gear is operated through a Quaife reverse gearbox situated in the central tunnel with a short propshaft into the reverse box then a long propshaft onto the rear differential.

With the exception of the engine and transmission, virtually all other aspects of the B6 are the same as the R6 shown on the previous three pages. The few outward signs that differentiate the two models are the bonnet cutout to clear the bike engine air filter, the sequential gearbox selector and reverse gear selector in the cockpit and exhaust configuration. All options and weather equipment etc. are as per the R6.

Standard engine fitment is the Suzuki GSXR 1000. Although other engines can be fitted, they will require modifications to the engine carrier and possibly slight alterations to one or two small chassis tubes.


Fitted with a GSXR 1000 the 0-60mph time is approximately 4.5 seconds

Note: Tiger’s policy on ALL bike engine installations is NO warranty on engine, gearbox or drive train due to the serious extra strain imposed on these through the weight penalty.

The B6 can be purchased in starter kit (then individual parts as you need them).


  • Model / type B6 chassis SA9B
  • Chassis 90% round tube space frame, powder coated
  • Body GRP with carbon, wings carbon
  • Engine Suzuki GSXR 1000, KZX9 others
  • Transmission Bike sequential / Quaife reverse box
  • Steering Rack and pinion 2.2 turns
  • Brakes Disc front, drum rear, option disc rear
  • Suspension Front double wishbone, rear dedion.
  • Adjustable shocks all corners
  • Front track 1320mm
  • Rear track 1470mm
  • Wheel base 2250mm
  • Overall length 3150mm
  • Weight 465kgs
  • Wheels 7inch x 15inch Alloy