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Tiger Aviator™

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The Aviator™ is a highly advanced road or track car which is designed to further build on our already very impressive racing successes.

Although mechanically based on the track proven R6 and RS6, the Aviator has been more radically styled to give a number of benefits over its stablemate. With already proven handling, it was the aerodynamics that were given prime consideration to improve top end performance. The new wedge design still had to retain a modicum of family resemblance to the Tiger breed, but from then on, it was pure aerodynamic efficiency and handling dynamics that dictated the final shape.


  • The standard road going Tiger Aviator™ fitted with Tiger’s standard 2ltr ERA powered Ford Duratec (185/190bhp) with Webber Alpha management and Tiger mapping will give a 0-60 time of approx 4.4 secs.
  • Tiger has ERA powered high specification Duratec engines producing up to 260 bhp. The earlier Zetec engine can also be fitted.
  • The Aviator™ can be purchased as a starter kit (then individual parts as you need them), stage packs, rolling chassis and full kit.
  • Available factory built in or